About us

The History of the Closed Joint Stock Company «Spedilta» began in May 2006. Since then, a small transport company has reached a level of a major international logistics company. There are about two hundred of our own wagons in our park. Wagon (series 918-908), covered wagon (150-158 cubic meters), our own customs warehouse with train access roads, loading and unloading car ramps, and more than twenty employees, all experienced professionals.

Today JSC «Spedilta» is presented in three cities: in Vilnius, Klaipeda and in Almaty. Our office in Vilnius is focused on providing a full range of multimodal transportation services organizations, the office in Klaipeda is responsible for maintenance of cargo arriving by sea to the port "Klaipeda", and the office in Almaty is always open to our partners from Central Asia. Optimal transportation cost, efficiency, documents preparation in a timely manner, quality of transport and storage of cargo, in combination with the individual approach to each client, are the basis of success in our business.

«Spedilta» - this is a company providing a full range of transportation and logistics services first hand.